Plot synopsis:

A young college student, Kyle, who works as a housecleaner for extra money, stumbles across an ancient coffin in the basement of a creepy old woman’s house. Thinking the coffin might be worth some money, Kyle takes the coffin home and discovers mechanical gears and a music box key buried under the padding. This is no ordinary coffin. Kyle and his friends do some research and discover the coffin was built in the 15th century by the evil Wolfgang von Tristen, who was nicknamed “The Devil’s Craftsman.” Von Tristen crafted ancient torture devices and was fascinated with death and the worlds beyond. Von Tristen built this mechanical coffin, which allowed him to rise out of his mortal body and experience the sensation of death as a ghost. He called the coffin—Ghost Machine. Kyle and his friends each take turns laying down in the coffin and experience the ghost sensation for themselves. At first, the adventures in the ghost world are fun and innocent, but ultimately the Ghost Machine brings out each person’s most dangerous impulses and desires. The friends find themselves pulled into a world of evil and they learn there is a price to pay for flirting with Death…and Death will not be cheated. Directed by Mauro Borrelli, whose past work includes conceptual artist and illustrator on blockbusters such as “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Sleepy Hollow,” “I Am Number Four,” and “Captain America” among many others.



"Ostensibly a supernatural thriller, it borrows ideas from sources as diverse as FLATLINERS, THE INVISIBLE MAN and even FINAL DESTINATION to say something about the dark depths of addiction... This is largely thanks to the keen eye of writer/director Mauro Borrelli who puts every cent of the budget up on the screen for all of us to see". - DVD Talk

"The Ghostmaker is loopy and creepy enough to warrant a watch on a chilly night". - DVD Verdict

"Immensely creative, highly imaginative, unsuspected treat". - Horror News


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